Cooking makes you feel good

... and eating too!

Food - the basis of life

Essen - die Basis des Lebens

Our physical and mental health depends on the quality of the food we eat every day. The team of München kocht! follows the philosophy: 


Simple food is good food.


What does that mean?

In our view, society's current approach to food is unsustainable. We are against food waste and convenience food, since they create more problems than they solve.  Nutritional trends and exotic foods also have little to do with an authentic and healthy lifestyle.


Regional (organic) food, on the other hand, which has been sustainably grown and processed, is part of a natural cycle and the basis of local specialities. With the right preparation, the daily meal regains the positive and life-enhancing effect it once had.


Back to the roots

This is why München kocht! goes back to the roots and would like to bring you closer to the happiness of a good, home-cooked meal. Our dishes inspire, because they are:

  • made from sustainable, regional, fairly produced (organic) foods
  • easy to cook
  • and taste fantastic

 München kocht! good food, that also deserves its name!




The economy for the common good is standard practice at München kocht!

ECG - the economy for the common good

The goal of the economy for the common good (ECG), or Gemeinwohlökonomie as we call it in Germany, is to establish a just and social economic culture. A high benefit to the common good is its measure of success.

München kocht! has joined the movement and prepares a “common good” assessment sheet every 2 years – because the values of ecology and the common good are more important to us than the purely financial return on investment. The official Common Good Economy Audit Report certifies progressive entrepreneurial action.



The progressive way of doing business in the event and hospitality industry

The common good economy certification

This means that our event organisation is optimised for meeting ecological, economic and social goals. For the common good economy certification, we have already reviewed the way we work with our contact groups and suppliers:


  • Suppliers: How ethical is our entire supply chain?
  • Owners & financial partners: Where and how does our money work?
  • Employees: How do we treat the most important people at München kocht!?
  • Customers & fellow companies: To what extent do we incorporate customer desires into our decision processes?
  • Social environment: What good do we do for our environment, e.g. for our neighbourhood, Munich’s West End?




München kocht!

But we go one step further, because we wanted the IDEAL MENU. To do this, we asked the question: When does food put you in a good mood?


"When it's easy to prepare and made of quality ingredients."


As simple as it sounds, it is just as difficult to implement. Preparing a tasty, visually appealing menu entirely with regional and sustainably produced (organic‑) food ... is a challenge. The IDEAL MENU should also be seasonal and embrace enjoyment, health and environmental friendliness.






The Bioland Gold Certificate


The first step is always the quality of the ingredients we use. So we applied for, and were awarded the Bioland Gold Certificate. All our menus are as BIO as they can possibly be.


Bioland Gold Certificate:


90-100% of the food and beverages used are certified as being organic;

at least 25% of these are certified by Bioland (the leading association for organic farming in Germany).



The carbon footprint

Eaternity carbon footprint of München kocht!

The company Eaternity also calculates the carbon footprint of our menus. In this way, München kocht! provides full transparency on the impact on health, climate, environment and water.


Our customers help us to improve sustainability and public welfare year after year.

And, of course, we will continue to inspire you with unique events and packages for sustainable celebrations and enjoyment.




Our location

Featuring captivating and award-winning interior design from Holzrausch. In 2011, the location was honoured with the European Architectural Award. Deservedly so, we say.

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