Un-Ju Jeong

Un-Ju Jeong will introduce you to the secrets and the art of sushi as well as Asian cuisine at München kocht!

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We invite you to join us on a unique culinary journey and learn the secrets and the art of sushi as well as of Asian cuisine!

Un-Ju Jeong

Experience, enjoy or learn the Far Eastern cuisine of Korea or the modern sushi fusion cuisine in a very individual, new and special way!

Immerse yourself in Un-Ju's culinary world of pleasure and get to know and appreciate it. Your experience and imagination will open up entirely new possibilities for a unique taste experience that will delight the senses.



Discover the secrets and the art of sushi and Asian cuisine


Born with Asian roots and raised in Western culture, I combine the "old" and the "new" in who I am. My parents taught me how to cook, my travels and personal experiences taught me about other cultures, their customs and traditions. From this arose a Western-Eastern symbiosis, which I express in my way of cooking. I call it: Fusion cuisine.


To me, cooking means being creative, letting myself be inspired and guided by the inner awareness of my particularly fine sense of taste. The design and presentation of my dishes are characterised by their unique composition and harmony. Pleasure is created through the interplay of various harmonious nuances of taste using the highest quality ingredients.


Food brings people together; it creates harmony in social gatherings. Eating means sharing, being with and for each other. To me, it is much more than just a necessity – it is sheer enjoyment and an integral part of our joie de vivre.

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