Timo Siegmann

Fresh ingredients taste twice as good

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Fresh ingredients count for Timo. The motto: "Nature, Fresh, Local, Leaf" is his motto in his kitchen. And it already started when he was still at school.

Timo Siegmann

Even in his youth, he tried out new recipes and put his own cooking ideas into practice. Sharing the dishes was the best way to have fun. Over time, the focus on fresh ingredients and regional, local cuisine increased.


Nature, fresh, local, leaf


The high quality of the ingredients is essential to Timo Siegmann. Only what is fresh also tastes good in the finished dishes. He also pays attention to regional products and what's in season. In his cooking class, food actually becomes a "life" food and delights not only the stomach, but also the heart and the senses.


Enjoy a several course meal with fresh food which you conjure up with Simon, and be inspired by his approach. He lives for the joy of cooking and loves to share his knowledge. His enthusiasm for fresh food and creative cooking is simply irresistible.

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