Simon Pfeffer

Culinary art as a feast for the senses

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Good food, guests and conviviality already had a high priority for Simon in his parents' house. However, his stay in Bordeaux for several years was pivotal for his further career.

Simon Pfeffer

There, the community experience at large dining tables is still what counts when it comes to eating. And cooking is perceived and celebrated as a feast for the senses. An experience that has stayed with Simon Pfeffer. It was the catalyst for turning cooking and pampering guests into a passion.


From French to Japanese


In the meantime, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine have joined Simon's cooking repertoire. And sometimes this results in fantastic fusion cuisine. It's well worth looking over his shoulder. And it's definitely worth asking questions, because he loves to talk about cooking and different cooking techniques.


The best oft the simplest is what counts


Despite all the culinary wisdom, Simon's cuisine follws the motto: "Pepper as in salt and pepper" –as my name Pfeffer means – it's the best of the simplest that counts. And you can see that in his dishes. It is not for nothing that he has been the executive chef at Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG since 2010. In his cookery course at München kocht! you learn to appreciate cooking again as a feast for the senses.

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