Sebastian Mayer

Cook together – grow together!

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The kitchen as the ideal environment for your team development!

Sebastian Mayer

You take …

1 qualified chef | 1 sound business studies degree | diverse experience in leading different teams | great passion for good food | the vocation to bring people together and accompany them in their development...


... add 1 large portion of mindfulness & 1 pinch of humour ...


... and out comes me – as a trainer for team-building measures in the kitchen!


Cook together - grow together!


The quality of the ingredients has always been the focus. Add to that the right way of preparing the food and it really is a pleasure to watch Sebastian cooking. In his cookery classes, he vividly demonstrates how honest cooking without frills preserves the fine, original taste of the ingredients that will delight the palate.


It is also a great concern of his that the dishes can be easily recreated at home without large, expensive equipment. His years of experience clearly pay off here. In his cooking classes you will experience that good food is no coincidence. And that you too can cook it well!


Learn more about Sebastian ...

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