Patrick Rosenbaum

Cooking with passion and creativity

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From businessman via tourism studies to chef cook. Patrick Rosenbaum's multifaceted experience speaks for itself and there is certainly no place for boredom on his table.

Patrick Rosenbaum

In recent years, Patrick Rosenbaum has worked as the head of a restaurant in top cuisine, as a show and event chef and as a hotel chef. Most recently, he trained as a barista and barman. If anyone knows about the diversity of cooking and a friendly, hospitable atmosphere, it's Patrick.


Cooking with ardour, eating with passion



To ensure that the recipe and the unique way of preparing it stay in your head, the fun and enthusiasm in the cooking class is very important to him. Of course, good cooking can only be achieved with high-quality food and the right method. So he teaches what is important when it comes to buying ingredients. And he also teaches the methods that save a lot of time in the kitchen so that you have more time for yourself and your guests.


Exotic, local or crossover dishes are cooked with a great deal of passion. Patrick Rosenbaum likes to pass on this fire. After all, cooking is about bodily well-being on the one hand, but also about the friendly, convivial atmosphere that simply brings a good mood into the venue of München kocht!

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