Michael Hundt

Because good eating is no coincidence

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Sometimes simple is best. When simple, good-quality ingredients meet ingenious culinary creativity, you are in Michael Hundt's kitchen.

Michael Hundt

He learned this from his aunt. She was a gifted cook and provided the incentive to excel in the kitchen. To surpass her level was a goal he had set for himself. In the meantime, Michael has been living his passion for cooking for 30 years and still enjoys the wide diversity of the profession.


Good ingredients deserve perfect preparation


The quality of the ingredients has always been the key to his cooking. Add to that the right way of preparing them and it really is a pleasure to watch Michael cooking. In his cookery classes, he demonstrates vividly how honest cooking without frills preserves the original taste of the ingredients and leaves a very fine impression on the palate.


He is also keen to ensure that the dishes can be easily recreated at home without the need for any big, expensive equipment. His 15 years of catering experience for large events and special private parties clearly pays off here. In his cooking classes you will experience that good food is no coincidence. And that you too can cook it well!

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