Bell Kink

Authentic Thai cooking

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When authentic Thai cooking is paired with the hospitality and culture of the country, then it has to be Bell Kink at the cooker. She teaches the secrets of Thai culinary art and celebrates the flavours of her homeland.

Bell Kink

The master of Thai taste – has cooking in her blood. Over six generations, her family specialised in growing rice and herbs. Her family also started the first organic agricultural movement in Thailand.


Crying Tiger - a mythical signature dish


The quality of the ingredients has always been the key focus. So much so that, according to tradition, when the tiger cries, Suea Rong Hai (เสือร้องไห้) is being cooked. Only the most tender and juicy steak meat is used for this dish, while the tiger has to make do with the tough leftovers.


Bell Kink's signature dish is indicative of her very distinctive cooking style. A wealth of experience in Thai cuisine, a long family tradition and a feeling for the right moment all come together and bring Thai culture to life in the heart of Munich.

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