Andreas Jeyarajah

Globetrotter, engineer & gourmet

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His parents were on holiday, Choci had the key to the larder and the kitchen was all his. After that week, the relatives were more than amazed at what a 12-year-old could accomplish.

Andreas Jeyarajah

Choci's passion for cooking has stayed with him all his life. During his engineering studies, there were numerous opportunities to make the best out of few ingredients and to refine his own cooking skills. Fellow students were amazed.


Foreign countries, new tastes, wide experience


And then off to Melbourne – there, as a kitchen boy, the world of Italian professional cuisine opened up to him. The nimble knife, Italian temperament and working under pressure were experiences he took back to Germany.


Choci gained an insight into Japanese cuisine as a cook in a sushi restaurant. Perfection and attentiveness were the order of the day here. But soon he was drawn far away to South America, to the Chilean coast. The proximity to the sea brought quite a lot of fish and seafood to the table.


Travelling is in the blood of a globetrotter, so after his studies it was now time to go to Brazil. There, Choci taught children and also cooked for them. Brazilian cuisine then made its way into his repertoire of cooking skills.



A master of the art of living joins the kitchen battle


The mind-boggling amount of kitchen experience led Choci to the German TV cooking show "Die Küchenschlacht" (The Kitchen Battle). In Hamburg, he competed against Schuhbeck and had lot of fun cooking his way to victory. Who would want to miss a cookery class with the artist, globetrotter and gourmet Choci?

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